Banff Mental Health And Addiction Week

the struggle is real

MAY 6 - 10, 2024

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This project is led by a community that cares. In 2021, the Banff ​Mineral Springs Community Board engaged in a community ​consultation with key healthcare, municipal and tourism sector ​leaders about the wellness of our community. The outcomes of ​these discussions were captured in a final report, Community ​Conversations, What We Heard. Participants said they wanted ​information-sharing events to understand the complete picture of ​our community needs and gaps. That pooling partner’s data would ​lead to efficient, credible, and proactive understanding of our ​healthcare needs. And this systems-level analysis and ​development of solutions would result in long-lasting and positive ​downstream impacts for our community.

In the fall of 2023, a community board member, Dr. Shakil Amin, ​approached the board with a proactive initiative to create a Mental ​Health and Addiction Week for our community. In December of ​2023, a community meeting was held with 35 partners to inspire ​them to create Banff and Lake Louise’s first Mental Health and ​Addiction Week (BMHAW). With a resounding YES!, this week was ​created to:

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Increase awareness about the mental health and addiction health concerns affecting ​residents

Create a greater awareness of the services available to residents

Create a systems level response to the mental health and addiction challenges in our ​community through a collaborative and coordinated approach

Break the social barrier of mental health stigma through community initiatives and ​conversations

If you or your organization are interested in participating, please connect with us here.

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