Banff Mental Health And Addiction Week

the struggle is real

MAY 6 - 10, 2024

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Every person, at one time in their life, experiences bumps along the way. For everyone, it’s different, unique, and personal. That’s why building your own individual toolkit is important.

We’re here to help with preventative activities and programs just for you.

This week is to let you know that the community of Banff cares, that there are moderate and acute resources for you, and that there is hope for a healthy future.

We invite you to amplify the conversation with us during this week and into the future. Let’s keep our community’s wellness as our #1 priority.

Visit here for a line-up of the week’s activities.

Need support? Call or text the Distress Centre Helpline 24/7 at 403-266-4357.

Call the 24/7 Mental Health Helpline at 1-877-303-2642

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We would appreciate hearing from you! Your thoughts with us ​grow this project as we look to future years. If you have an event, ​activities or perspective, all ideas and comments are welcomed. ​We will respond within 24 hours.


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